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DIY Rear Brake Pads at 27,900 miles
20 December 2010 - Filed under: Servicing

The process of changing the rear brake pads on the R56 is similar to swapping the fronts with the added complication of the handbrake bowden cable and the requirement for a caliper rewind tool to retract the piston. I didn’t swap the discs this time as they still seemed quite healthy. The TIS instructions cover […]

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DIY Front Brake Discs and Pads at 20,300 miles
31 October 2009 - Filed under: Repairs

The MINI has a sensor on the front and rear brakes which handily tells you how many miles you have until you need to swap your brake pads. Unfortunately on my car, and I suspect on most, the sensor reports the pads as being worn rather prematurely. Apart from putting up with the warnings there […]

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