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New car!
29 April 2014 - Filed under: Upgrades

The MINI’s replacement arrived this week. A car so ugly that the dealership had to break the appearance to me gently: It’s a 2014 M135i. Quite a jump in straight line performance and refinement from the MINI, although nowhere near as much fun on a twisty back road. The good news is I’ve still kept […]

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Winter at 22,500 miles
10 February 2010 - Filed under: Servicing + Upgrades

Winter hasn’t exactly been kind on the UK this year, we rarely seem to have risen above freezing and there’s been more snow on the ground than I’ve ever experienced whilst I’ve been driving in this country. I’m quite lucky in that I don’t have to rely on a car to get to work, so […]

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Uprated Bulbs at 20,600 miles
5 November 2009 - Filed under: Upgrades

A little gripe with the MINI has always been the rather rubbish visibility the standard headlights offer. One rather expensive solution is to spec the Xenon HID upgrade when ordering, although even these receive mixed reviews. A cheaper solution is to fit higher quality bulbs, I’ve fitted Philips Bluevision and Osram Coolblue to other cars […]

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Side Scuttles at 19,100 miles
6 September 2009 - Filed under: Upgrades

I was never a big fan of the chunky plastic ‘side scuttles’ that come with the Cooper, I suspect this is a tactical decision by MINI who sell a wide range of alternatives for a rather steep price. I opted for a set of ‘John Cooper Works’ chrome scuttles, which came complete with clear side […]

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Aero Grille at 12,100 miles
28 February 2009 - Filed under: Upgrades

I’m not a big fan of the large chrome grille on the R56 Cooper, I personally feel the slightly smaller grille on earlier models was more attractive and suits the MINI’s shape better. Luckily MINI have released an aero style grille which is compatible with the non-turbo Coopers bumper. Motoring file have some useful fitting […]

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