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Puncture and New Tyre at 44,500 miles
18 October 2013 - Filed under: Uncategorized

Wood screw in tyre, well done to Newbury Tyre and Exhaust Centre for sourcing a replacement Dunlop SP Sport 01 Runflat the same day for the reasonable price of £104.

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TLC XL at 40,600 miles
13 May 2013 - Filed under: Uncategorized

Oil, filters and brake fluid service. The last time I was in my local MINI garage I enquired about extending the TLC service pack and was told I couldn’t because it was over a year since the first service pack expired. However I was offered it instead of the £220ish they wanted for the service […]

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Puncture at 36,000 miles
12 August 2012 - Filed under: Uncategorized

Half a small staple in a nearly new runflat, pressure monitor caught it a few meters from home and it had only deflated from 32 to 25psi. Managed to find a slightly dodgy looking garage in Blackbird Leys who were willing to repair a runflat. Although I noticed when I got home that they’ve managed […]

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Third MOT at 35,600 miles
4 May 2012 - Filed under: Uncategorized

Third MOT at the Oxford council depot. Passed with no advisories – almost exactly 5,000 miles since last year, shameful!

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DIY Rear Discs at 35,500 miles
28 April 2012 - Filed under: Uncategorized

The rear discs on the MINI pitted excessively whilst the car was standing for a while recently. Despite my best efforts the pitting wasn’t going away under braking. Given that the annual MOT was just around the corner and I’d skimped and not replaced the discs when I replaced the pads recently I decided the […]

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Miscellaneous at 35,000 miles
7 April 2012 - Filed under: Uncategorized

A few recent costs: Insurance – £346 Tax – £115 Tyre – £109 Cheapest year yet for insurance, despite adding my girlfriend who has only just been driving for two years, protected my no claims bonus and reinstating commuting use. The tyre was to replace a slow puncture I spotted in one of the rear […]

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Second MOT at 30,670 miles
6 May 2011 - Filed under: Uncategorized

MOT – used the local council run test centre. Tester seemed rather taken with the MINI having never tested one before. Passed with no advisories.

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Second Service at 30,400 miles
20 April 2011 - Filed under: Uncategorized

Second service, required due to age rather than mileage. Along with the second brake fluid change. Service was covered by the TLC package, brake fluid wasn’t. Although at £56 Oxford MINI were nearly half the price of the BMW dealership I visited for a new tyre earlier in the month. Was given a Cooper D […]

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46mpg and a new tyre at 30,000 miles
2 April 2011 - Filed under: Uncategorized

I’ve never really cared too much about MPG, even with soaring fuel prices my mileage in the MINI is sufficiently low that I don’t really spend that much time at the pumps. I hadn’t reset the trip MPG computer since I purchased the car and it had read a fairly average figure of 37mpg for […]

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Winter Screenwash at 28,500 miles
8 January 2011 - Filed under: Uncategorized

The UK suffered quite a cold spell over Christmas, the MINI coped quite well with the exception of the screenwash. But that was more my fault, here are a few things I learnt after a salty 160 mile drive where the temperature never exceeded -12c… Cheap supermarket screenwash, even when used neat and supposedly good […]

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