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Miscellaneous at 35,000 miles
7 April 2012 - Filed under: Uncategorized

A few recent costs: Insurance – £346 Tax – £115 Tyre – £109 Cheapest year yet for insurance, despite adding my girlfriend who has only just been driving for two years, protected my no claims bonus and reinstating commuting use. The tyre was to replace a slow puncture I spotted in one of the rear […]

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Faulty ABS and MAP sensors at 33,240 miles
3 October 2011 - Filed under: Uncategorized

Faulty ABS and MAP sensors, both packed up within hours of each other. Seems a strange coincidence so hopefully there isn’t an underlying cause. The fault first made itself known as I was nearing the end of a long journey to visit family late on a Friday night. A series of warnings relating to a […]

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Suspension squeak at 30,440 miles
28 April 2011 - Filed under: Uncategorized

The MINI unfortunately developed a rather loud squeak from the nearside front suspension when travelling over bumps. The same problem briefly occurred nearly a year ago but resolved itself within the same journey. This time however it was here to stay. I mentioned it to Oxford MINI when the car went in for its second […]

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Replacement Sunroof at 24,800 miles
14 May 2010 - Filed under: Uncategorized

My sunroof had developed a slight rattle when in the tilt position. I took it into Oxford MINI expecting them to tighten or grease something. After a bit of prodding and poking they asked me to take a mechanic out for a short drive, he came to the conclusion that the entire roof mechanism was […]

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New Tyre at 23,500 miles
3 April 2010 - Filed under: Uncategorized

New tyre due to wear. One of the fronts was replaced just before I purchased the MINI which softened the blow a little. Didn’t fancy swapping all four just yet so I’ve stuck with the Dunlop runflats for now. Benham BMW in Wolverhampton price matched to within a couple of pounds of Blackcircles, they also […]

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DIY Front Brake Discs and Pads at 20,300 miles
31 October 2009 - Filed under: Uncategorized

The MINI has a sensor on the front and rear brakes which handily tells you how many miles you have until you need to swap your brake pads. Unfortunately on my car, and I suspect on most, the sensor reports the pads as being worn rather prematurely. Apart from putting up with the warnings there […]

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Recall at 17,300 miles
4 July 2009 - Filed under: Uncategorized

I’ve had a few issues with the cooling fan on the MINI recently, it’s noisy and runs regularly, worryingly it often switches on almost instantly after the car has been sat overnight. I visited called into Oxford MINI one afternoon who got a technician to look at it immediately, he ran a few tests and […]

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DIY Leather Repair at 16,700 miles
11 June 2009 - Filed under: Uncategorized

I noticed not long after I purchased the MINI that the drivers seat side bolster had two very small patches where the dye had separated from the leather. I did mention this to MINI but they weren’t especially interested, claiming exemption from the warranty due to ‘fair wear and tear’. It does seem odd that […]

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Dents Removed at 15,500 miles
16 May 2009 - Filed under: Uncategorized

Sadly the MINI had picked up a couple of door dings in the near-side rear three quarters, they weren’t particularly obvious, just annoying. I was going to leave them, as often the minute you get these things sorted somebody careless will re-ripple your doors. However I then picked up a third dent in the same […]

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Foglight repair at 11,900 miles
17 February 2009 - Filed under: Uncategorized

I spotted that one of the foglights was full of condensation, the garage replaced the the whole unit with a new part under warranty. Took the best part of a day due to it being a bumper off job, but I was provided with a rather stripy courtesy car for the duration. After spending some […]

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