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Replacement starter motor at 70,800 miles
8 November 2016 - Filed under: Repairs

The MINI has had intermittent start motor issues for a while now. The starter wouldn’t always engage correctly with the flywheel leading to a horrible grinding noise. Switching the ignition immediately off and then trying again usually worked. I assumed this was a symptom of the dying battery that I replaced a while ago as […]

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New battery at 65,000 miles
8 March 2016 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

New battery. Seems to have cured the starter solenoid issues. Easy DIY job, although quite a large piece of trim needs to be removed: There’s a great DIY guide on North American Motoring. I opted for a Varta E44 with a 5 year warranty. Type 096 was the correct size for our R56. The Ah […]

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Rear ARB bushes at 65,000 miles
6 March 2016 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

After a remarkably good run the MINI has developed a few issues. A knocking noise from the rear was cured by some new ARB bushes. Easy job, just two bolts and a 13mm spanner required. The old bushes ‘looked’ ok, but internet wisdom suggested that would be the case. My local GSF had stock of […]

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Replacement alternator belt at 58,000 miles
5 April 2015 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

Replacement alternator belt as MINI flagged it as starting to perish during the service. I had to remove quite a lot of car to get to it: The old belt was certainly showing some signs of age: North Oxford MINI quoted around £100 to perform the belt swap, this is seems quite reasonable. The OE part cost […]

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Misfire at 54,000 miles
16 October 2014 - Filed under: Repairs

The MINI developed a shake and loss of power under load. At first I was worried that the clutch was slipping, but then the check engine light briefly illuminated. This did at least give me a good excuse to use the WiFi ODBII adapter I’d previously purchased and never really done anything with. The fault […]

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New Foglights at 52,000 miles
19 July 2014 - Filed under: Repairs

Both foglights had filled up with condensation and corroded to the point that I couldn’t remove the bulb holder to replace a sidelight. Replacing them involved completely removing the front bumper, this was relatively straightforward although some of the plastic push-fit fixings had seized. In the end I drilled them out and replaced them. Two […]

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New rear bumper at 44,400 miles
5 October 2013 - Filed under: Repairs

Back in 2009 someone decided to use the rear bumper of the MINI to feel their way into a parking space. I had the damage repaired by a ‘smart repair’ company. Initially the repair was flawless, however over the years the paint on the repaired area started to pit. I’d also picked up a couple […]

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New Windscreen at 41,800 miles
4 June 2013 - Filed under: Repairs

A large crack appeared in my windscreen whilst the car was parked, I couldn’t see any chips or other obvious reasons for it to go. As is always the way with these things I was hundreds of miles from home, it was a bank holiday and I was due to go abroad the following day. […]

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Puncture at 36,000 miles
12 August 2012 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

Half a small staple in a nearly new runflat, pressure monitor caught it a few meters from home and it had only deflated from 32 to 25psi. Managed to find a slightly dodgy looking garage in Blackbird Leys who were willing to repair a runflat. Although I noticed when I got home that they’ve managed […]

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DIY Rear Discs at 35,500 miles
28 April 2012 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

The rear discs on the MINI pitted excessively whilst the car was standing for a while recently. Despite my best efforts the pitting wasn’t going away under braking. Given that the annual MOT was just around the corner and I’d skimped and not replaced the discs when I replaced the pads recently I decided the […]

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