Rear ARB bushes at 65,000 miles

6 March 2016 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

After a remarkably good run the MINI has developed a few issues.

A knocking noise from the rear was cured by some new ARB bushes. Easy job, just two bolts and a 13mm spanner required.

The old bushes ‘looked’ ok, but internet wisdom suggested that would be the case. My local GSF had stock of a compatible replacement for £6 for a pair.

I also fitted a new aerial, the old one had perished.

Next up is a rather horrible noise from the starter motor every so often. I reckon it might be the solenoid on the starter or possibly the battery. I’ll try the battery first as it must be on borrowed time after 9 years and the voltage is reading a little low at 11.7v.

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  1. bob8United Kingdom 11 September 2017 - 10:23 am

    We just replaced rear ARB Bushes on 57 plate Cooper (40k miles) to resolve the knocking noise.

    ARB comes in different diameters 16, 17 or 18mm.

    EuroCarparts listed 16mm for regular suspension, and 18mm for Sports suspension for 2007 R56 hard top. A pack of two 16mm bushes cost less than 4 quid including discount.

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