Rear ARB bushes at 65,000 miles

6 March 2016 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

After a remarkably good run the MINI has developed a few issues.

A knocking noise from the rear was cured by some new ARB bushes. Easy job, just two bolts and a 13mm spanner required.

The old bushes ‘looked’ ok, but internet wisdom suggested that would be the case. My local GSF had stock of a compatible replacement for £6 for a pair.

I also fitted a new aerial, the old one had perished.

Next up is a rather horrible noise from the starter motor every so often. I reckon it might be the solenoid on the starter or possibly the battery. I’ll try the battery first as it must be on borrowed time after 9 years and the voltage is reading a little low at 11.7v.

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