Replacement alternator belt at 58,000 miles

5 April 2015 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

Replacement alternator belt as MINI flagged it as starting to perish during the service. I had to remove quite a lot of car to get to it:

The old belt was certainly showing some signs of age:

North Oxford MINI quoted around £100 to perform the belt swap, this is seems quite reasonable. The OE part cost £26, I also had to buy a new tool – the belt tensioner can only be moved into the service position using the 12 point end of a 21mm spanner (my local Machine Mart provided one for £4). Given the amount of bits I had to remove to reach the belt it might have made sense to get the dealership to do it, but there is a certain satisfaction to doing these things yourself.

Associated TIS instructions:

Removing and installing/replacing front left or right wheel arch cover

Removing and installing/replacing left or right headlight (halogen headlight)

Removing and installing lock bridge

Replacing alternator drive belt (N12)

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