New rear bumper at 44,400 miles

5 October 2013 - Filed under: Repairs

Back in 2009 someone decided to use the rear bumper of the MINI to feel their way into a parking space. I had the damage repaired by a ‘smart repair’ company. Initially the repair was flawless, however over the years the paint on the repaired area started to pit. I’d also picked up a couple of scuffs around the load area of the boot from careless passengers. None of the damage was bad enough to justify the cost of having the whole bumper resprayed, but it was a bit annoying.

I’d set up an alert on eBay for rear bumpers in the correct colour, generally most of the bumpers for sale were in worse condition than mine. Eventually my luck was in, an immaculate chilli red rear bumper not far from home, removed from a 2008 Cooper when the owned purchased the aero kit. The auction was won for the princely sum of £30, bargain!

Bumper replacement

Bumper replacement

Fitting the new bumper was relatively straight forward, the instructions are located in the TIS Documents section, prefixed with ‘RA BUMPER’. The replacement bumper came complete with the lower black trim, however the donor vehicle wasn’t fitted with parking sensors, so I had to swap the trims around. This was probably the fiddliest bit of the whole process.

New bumper fitted

New bumper fitted

I’m very happy with the end result, the new bumper seems to be a great colour match to the rest of the car, the donor vehicle was a similar age which might have helped.

I listed my old bumper with an honest description of the condition on eBay and it sold for a similar price, so time aside the whole exercise cost very little.

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