New Windscreen at 41,800 miles

4 June 2013 - Filed under: Repairs

A large crack appeared in my windscreen whilst the car was parked, I couldn’t see any chips or other obvious reasons for it to go.

As is always the way with these things I was hundreds of miles from home, it was a bank holiday and I was due to go abroad the following day. The claims department of my insurer only work weekdays and Autoglass were doing ‘essential maintenance’ and couldn’t take bookings.



A week later things went much smoother, Equity were quite happy to cover the cost of a MINI branded OE screen rather than the cheaper OEM replacements usually supplied and Autoglass found me a next day appointment at their Oxford branch.

I was a little apprehensive about using Autoglass, a different branch made a terrible job of refitting the doorcards of another car I owned after it was broken into. However I really can’t fault the job done by the fitter today, everything is perfectly fitted and he also replaced the black plastic A pillar trims and all of the rubber moulding.

Hopefully Equity won’t increase my premium next year for a glass claim, although given the sums involved for modern windscreens I suspect they’ll have to cover the cost somewhere.

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