TLC XL at 40,600 miles

13 May 2013 - Filed under: Servicing

Oil, filters and brake fluid service. The last time I was in my local MINI garage I enquired about extending the TLC service pack and was told I couldn’t because it was over a year since the first service pack expired. However I was offered it instead of the £220ish they wanted for the service when I took the car in today, makes sense as it covers the next big service as well.

So, quite a big bill for an oil service (£275), but I don’t begrudge it too much as it’s the first service I’ve paid for since buying the car 4.5 years ago.

Had a new Cooper D for the day:

Cooper D

Cooper D

Can’t make my mind up about the diesel, a revvy petrol seems more suited to a small hatchback and accelerating up to 70 takes a bit too long and too many gear changes. However around town the diesel is quite fun, possibly better than the petrol.

Other costs since the previous update:

Tax – £120
Aux Socket – £15 (developed a short)
Insurance – £358
MOT – £55 (passed, no advisories)

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  1. TimUnited States 13 February 2015 - 10:28 pm

    In 2007 my wife purchased a Mini Cooper. It was the most excited I had ever seen her for anything we had ever bought including our house. After about 60,000 miles of driving I noticed the car started to use more oil. This continued to get worse until I was putting a quart of oil in the car about every 4-5 weeks. This continued until the car reached 103,000 miles at which time the timing chain went bad. What car has a timing chain that goes bad at 103,000 miles? Mini fixed this problem and it cost me $2500.00. A totally ridiculous cost but I had no choice. Once I get the car back a few weeks later it starts to hesitate on the highway at higher speeds. This continued to get worse until it was barely running a week later. So we limped back to mini with yet another serious problem. The engine now needs a valve job because one of the valves is burnt. This is going to cost $4800.00 and the car only has 104,000 miles on it.
    Now let me tell you about me and my history with cars. In 1988 I bought a brand new Chrysler LeBaron and drove it for 19 years and put over 200,000 miles on it before selling it in good condition. We bought a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my wife drove it until 2007 at which time we gave the Jeep to my son who is still driving it today and my wife bought the Mini Cooper. I bought a BMW 325 CI with a 100,000 miles on it in 2007 and am happily driving it today with 154000 miles on it. I think you can understand what I am saying (I know how to take care of a car) and it is a shame that this car which we paid a lot of money for has turned out to be worse than a Ford Pinto. I’m already out $2500.00 for this car so hopefully Mini Corp will see the issue is with their vehicle and fix this problem.

    Thank you for reading this long winded letter 🙂

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