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DIY Rear Discs at 35,500 miles

28 April 2012 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

The rear discs on the MINI pitted excessively whilst the car was standing for a while recently. Despite my best efforts the pitting wasn’t going away under braking. Given that the annual MOT was just around the corner and I’d skimped and not replaced the discs when I replaced the pads recently I decided the best solution was to swap the discs. Given that the pads only had a few thousand miles on them I chose not to swap them again, they seem to have bedded in to the new discs just fine.

Sytner Oldbury gave a good price of £73 for a pair of discs (normal BMW price is £95ish from memory). I set to work one morning and managed to complete the job in just over an hour. The process is the same as changing the rear pads with the addition of removing a large Torx bolt on the old disc and applying a bit of brute force with a rubber mallet to remove it.

Here are the additional disc removal instructions. Tighten the new discs up to 27Nm.


Rear disc removed

Rear disc removed



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