Miscellaneous at 35,000 miles

7 April 2012 - Filed under: Repairs + Servicing

A few recent costs:

Insurance – £346
Tax – £115
Tyre – £109

Cheapest year yet for insurance, despite adding my girlfriend who has only just been driving for two years, protected my no claims bonus and reinstating commuting use.

The tyre was to replace a slow puncture I spotted in one of the rear tyres just before Christmas, at the time there seemed to be a shortage of 16″ Dunlop runflats, only my local BMW dealer had any stock and were demanding £190ish per tyre. I held off for a bit, knowing that it only deflated over a period of weeks and I wasn’t going to be doing many miles.

More recently I spotted that F1 Auto Centres in Aylesbury held stock of Dunlop SP Sport 01’s at decent prices. Perfect service, the tyre was swapped as soon as I arrived, alloy was undamaged and they provided a BMW star-marked tyre as claimed. The manager double checked that the locking wheel nut had been replaced in the boot, spotted that the nut cover removal tool was missing and found it in the service bay. Possibly the most attentive service I’ve had from a tyre shop, and the cheapest price I’ve paid for a Dunlop runflat.

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