Faulty ABS and MAP sensors at 33,240 miles

3 October 2011 - Filed under: Repairs

Faulty ABS and MAP sensors, both packed up within hours of each other. Seems a strange coincidence so hopefully there isn’t an underlying cause.

The fault first made itself known as I was nearing the end of a long journey to visit family late on a Friday night. A series of warnings relating to a lack of ABS, tyre pressure and cruise control appeared on the computer. These were joined by an engine management warning the following morning when I dropped the car off at the nearest BMW garage on the off chance that they could take a look at it before their workshops closed at lunchtime.

Polo Courtesy Car

Polo Courtesy Car

Benham BMW found a courtesy car for me, which was impressive given the lack of notice. Unusually it was VW Polo, but I wasn’t going to complain. Unfortunately they weren’t able to find time to diagnose the fault, so I drove the MINI back to Oxford on the Sunday evening with the dashboard illuminated like a Christmas tree. Benham did give the MINI the most thorough wash and hoover it’d seen for quite a few months, and told me not to worry about refuelling the Polo, which made up for the lack of a repaired car.  The following week I left it in the capable hands of the independent I used for the broken shock, it was diagnosed and fixed the same day for the slightly painful sum of £190.

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