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Tyre at 27,900 miles

26 November 2010 - Filed under: Servicing

Currently sat in Oxford BMW waiting for a new front tyre to be fitted to the MINI. They price matched to within a few pounds of the best online price I could find, although at £130 for a 195/55/16 Dunlop SP Sport 01 runflat it’s still not a cheap bill.

Oxford BMW appear to employ a man purely to run the coffee bar, first time I’ve seen that in a dealership! Very nice coffee it is too.

On a less swanky-dealership note I spend most of this morning swapping the rear brake pads on the MINI. The sensor replacement proved to be tricky, the connector is well hidden within the bodywork. Managed to rewind the pistons using a pair of needle nosed pliers and quite a bit of force. I’ve taken some photos so I’ll try and put a quick how-to together in the near future.

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