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Replacement Sunroof at 24,800 miles

14 May 2010 - Filed under: Repairs

My sunroof had developed a slight rattle when in the tilt position. I took it into Oxford MINI expecting them to tighten or grease something. After a bit of prodding and poking they asked me to take a mechanic out for a short drive, he came to the conclusion that the entire roof mechanism was slightly twisted and needed replacing.

I was provided with a slightly ‘acquired taste’ MINI One for two days, complete with JCW bodykit and yellow wing mirrors!



The roof seems to move a lot smoother with the new mechanism and no more rattles. Thankfully the rather painful bill was picked up by what was left of my warranty.

Excellent service again from Oxford MINI, really pleased I purchased the car from them, I’ve got nothing but praise.

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