Winter at 22,500 miles

10 February 2010 - Filed under: Servicing + Upgrades

Winter hasn’t exactly been kind on the UK this year, we rarely seem to have risen above freezing and there’s been more snow on the ground than I’ve ever experienced whilst I’ve been driving in this country. I’m quite lucky in that I don’t have to rely on a car to get to work, so I managed to avoid most of the ensuing traffic chaos. I do secretly enjoy driving in snow though, so I did venture out in the MINI at every possible opportunity. I’m happy to report that it was as capable as any other front wheel drive car clad in summer tyres – very slippery but excellent fun!

Frosty MINI

Frosty MINI

In other MINI related news it’s now been just over a year since I first collected it, I’ve been meaning to concoct some sort of mini-MINI review to sum up some of the good and bad bits one year on, which I’ll still hopefully get around to soon. In the meantime here’s a quick summary of how the MINI has celebrated being another year older by having a negative impact on my wallet:

  • Road tax – £120
  • Insurance – £390
  • Windscreen wipers – £14

I went for another set of ‘flatblade’ style windscreen wipers, unlike the rest of the their range BMW don’t fit the the newer style of wipers to the MINI due to the curvature of the screen. Personally I think the older style of wipers suit the ‘retro’ design of the MINI better, unfortunately they also have a tendency to lift off the screen when travelling at motorway speeds rendering them completed useless. The newer style of wipers fix this problem, but they do sit proud of the windscreen over on the passenger side of the vehicle by the tax disc due to the curvy screen. Personally I see this as the lesser of two evils. I ordered the latest set from late one afternoon, I was quite impressed when they arrived the next morning with a free sachet of screen wash, top service!

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