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Uprated Bulbs at 20,600 miles

5 November 2009 - Filed under: Upgrades

A little gripe with the MINI has always been the rather rubbish visibility the standard headlights offer. One rather expensive solution is to spec the Xenon HID upgrade when ordering, although even these receive mixed reviews. A cheaper solution is to fit higher quality bulbs, I’ve fitted Philips Bluevision and Osram Coolblue to other cars that I’ve owned and been impressed with the results so I figured for fairly minimal financial outlay it would be worth a try to try and improve things with the MINI.

Osram Night Breaker

Osram Night Breaker

A little bit of research seemed to suggest that the best of the current bulbs on offer is the Philips X-treme Power and the Osram Night Breaker. The Philips potentially has a slightly better light output due to the lack of a blue vanity coating, but it was also quite a bit more expensive than the Osram’s which according to people who know a lot more about bulbs than I do offers similar performance. So the Osram won, and for the £10 that they cost the difference in light on the road is brilliant.

It’s worth noting that the R56 takes a H4 bulb which contains two filaments in one bulb, so you can upgrade both your dipped and full beam in one go. The difference in performance is even more noticeable on full beam and very welcome during the rather dark and gloomy British winter.

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  1. AliGreat Britain (UK) 30 May 2010 - 6:16 pm

    Hey i was wondering where you brought the bulbs from as i have a R56 MINI ONE

  2. IanGreat Britain (UK) 2 June 2010 - 12:18 pm

    Hi Ali

    I purchased the bulbs through eBay from this company:


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