Side Scuttles at 19,100 miles

6 September 2009 - Filed under: Upgrades

I was never a big fan of the chunky plastic ‘side scuttles’ that come with the Cooper, I suspect this is a tactical decision by MINI who sell a wide range of alternatives for a rather steep price.

Standard side scuttle

Standard side scuttle

I opted for a set of ‘John Cooper Works’ chrome scuttles, which came complete with clear side repeaters. They’re much nicer quality wise than the original scuttles and tie in quite nicely with the rest of the exterior chrome.

Chrome side scuttle

Chrome side scuttle

I wasn’t sure about the clear side repeaters, the rest of the indicators on the car have orange lenses so they looked a little out of place. I’ve swapped them back to the original oranges repeaters for now.

Chrome scuttles, orange lenses

Chrome scuttles, orange lenses

In other MINI related news, due to a combination of starting a new job and moving house I had a rather hectic week where I racked up over a thousand miles. Apart from looking grubbier than it has ever looked before the MINI coped admirably, it’s a very relaxing car to cover large distances in.

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  1. JCW Scuttles – eBay | R56 MINI Cooper BlogGreat Britain (UK) 28 July 2010 - 9:40 am

    […] a brand new set of chrome JCW side scuttles, suitable for the R55, R56 and R57 MINI. I have a similar set on my Cooper and I’m very happy with […]

  2. Christina DwyerUnited States 28 February 2011 - 12:26 pm

    One of my scuttles fell off this weekend. Now I have to buy two more because they don’t come any other way than in a pair.
    So bummed!!

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