Recall at 17,300 miles

4 July 2009 - Filed under: Repairs

I’ve had a few issues with the cooling fan on the MINI recently, it’s noisy and runs regularly, worryingly it often switches on almost instantly after the car has been sat overnight. I visited called into Oxford MINI one afternoon who got a technician to look at it immediately, he ran a few tests and cleaned the fans contacts but couldn’t find anything at fault.

However the problem continued to persist, by this time I was in the West Midlands for a while visiting family so I phoned around a few local MINI garages to see who could have a look at the car in the near future, it ended up at Sytner Oldbury the next day. The diagnosis was fairly simple… There was no problem with the cooling fan, apparently the air conditionings condenser shares the same cooling fan as the engine, my MINI has the optional climate control fitted which I tend to leave on constantly. The condenser warms up quite quickly, which explains why the cooling fan was running whilst the engine was still cold. I’ve left the air conditioning off for a few journeys and the fan’s stayed silent so this explanation seems to be spot on.

A week or so later Benham MINI, one of the garages I contacted whilst trying to book the MINI in for the fan issue phoned me to say there was a recall showing for a gear stick retainer clip on my car. The recall was carried out today, they also replaced the chrome trim on both of my keys as it had become rather chipped.

R56 Key

R56 Key

Whilst the car was in the garage I requested that they take a look at the drivers window which had started to squeak when moved. After plugging it into a computer and running several tests they were unable to find a fault, in the end they settled on the rather novel solution of oiling the window mechanism! I imagine if the car wasn’t still under warranty I probably would have been billed for an hours worth of ‘diagnosis’ time to determine that the solution to a squeaky window was a bit of WD40. Oh well, I was pleased that the MINI warranty works without hassle at any MINI garage and they also gave the car a wash and hoover and replaced the metal dust caps which had gone astray.


  1. Tony HoMalaysia 9 April 2011 - 6:51 am

    Dear Sir,
    I understand there is an issue of DSC module (SZL) failing in some of the early R56 2006 & 2007. Is there anywhere you can confirm this for me. Thank you very much.
    Regards, Tony

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