Devon at 13,300 miles

6 April 2009 - Filed under: Events

Just spent a very enjoyable weekend in Devon. The MINI somehow managed to swallow three people and their luggage despite it’s fairly embarrassing boot capacity. The long journey down was comfortable and relaxing, the MINI is remarkable refined on the motorway for a smaller car and the addition of cruise control is welcome on a run. Driving along coastal roads with the sunroof open and the sun pouring in made for a very pleasant trip.

The MINI looks out to sea...

The MINI looks out to sea...

I stayed with a friends parents and it turns out her Dad used to own a Cooper S, we got chatting about MINI’s and he offered me his old spare wheel – a brand new Cooper S alloy and runflat tyre. It’s a 17″ wheel but due to the increased profile of the tyres on my wheels the radius is roughly the same. It was a bit challenge to fit the wheel and luggage in for the return journey but we managed and it might come in handy if I ditch the runflats when it’s time to change my tyres.

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