Foglight repair at 11,900 miles

17 February 2009 - Filed under: Repairs

I spotted that one of the foglights was full of condensation, the garage replaced the the whole unit with a new part under warranty. Took the best part of a day due to it being a bumper off job, but I was provided with a rather stripy courtesy car for the duration.

Courtesy car

Courtesy car

After spending some time in my own Cooper it was interesting to drive another. I’d heard reports of the combination of larger wheels and runflat tyres leading to a harsh and uncomfortable ride, it was interesting to experience this first hand. I’m pleased my own car has the slightly smaller 16″ wheels, over rough ground the larger wheels feel uneasy and even on a decent surface the eagerness of the steering seems a little subdued. But don’t just take my word for it!

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the fit of the viper-esque stripes either, they were cut short on the underside of the rear spoiler and wrinkled in places. I enjoyed playing with the start-stop function which has been introduced on all 2008 onwards MINI’s, it’s a little strange pulling up to a set of lights and hearing the engine cutting out as you lift your foot off the clutch. It’s implemented well, but I don’t know how often I’d use it if my own car had it, or how beneficial it’d actually be to fuel economy.

Anyway my own was collected later that day, sans-‘cataract’ and looking a lot cleaner than when I dropped it off.

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